Rock House

Eld Inlet, WA
status: design development

A gathering of wooden stones around a basalt outcropping create a private landscape protected by the rooms of the house. The massing is carved and chiseled to be an extension of the rock formations that lay beneath.

Jade Alley
Miami Design District, Miami, FL
status: completed
in collaboration with SB Architects

A series of parabolic concrete walls and facades give new life to a nondescript Miami alley with changes in scale, shadow, and light integrating new and existing buildings together with a hidden court full of flowering trees at its center. The alley hopes to maintain its obscurity and crudeness in an otherwise sleek and glossy new shopping neighborhood.

Madrona House
Seattle, WA
status: completed
designed in collaboration with Carsten Stinn

A two storey courtyard house designed to nestle into a historic Seattle hilltop neighborhood. Concrete and burnt wood are carved horizontally to connect to gardens and views. Voids are cut vertically to bring in light from above on this tight urban site.


Portland, OR
status: permitting
client: Ryan Zygar

A masonry screen wraps a timber-framed stack of sixteen units. The screen opens and closes based on the light, air, view and privacy needs of the spaces within. Each unit has light and air from at least two sides with a hidden, planted courtyard containing outdoor circulation at the heart of the building.

Island House
Anderson Island, WA
status: design development

A long silvering timber structure bends around the edge of a meadow and opens to views of Nisqually Reach, drawing visitors down the trail.  The plan consists of three volumes unified by the horizontals of deck and roof, allowing for guests and the owners to be protected as they inhabit the edge of this coastal meadow in sunny and rainy seasons. Gaps at the two “knuckles” provide thresholds between forest and meadow that can be open or closed depending  on the season.  The building bends around site features such as the tree line and a large snag to align rooms to specific views through the trees to the sea beyond. An interior palette of gray-stained plywood, exposed framing, and burnished stainless steel accents unifies the interior in driftwood tones to create a calm place between ocean and forest.